Advantages of Childcare for Both Parents and Children

Mixed feelings of anxiety and excitement are felt by parents when they decide to send their children to childcare. Feelings of guilt often overshadow the excitement as parents consider the thought of leaving to childcare the care of their children for the first time.

These feelings are expected and normal for every parent. Often, parents wonder if the emotional burden they feel can be outweighed by the benefits provided by childcare.

If education experts and studies are asked, the answer would be an unequivocal yes. It is because numerous studies have consistently shown the multiple advantages childcare provides for both parents and children.

Things Children Typically Do at Childcare

The engaging activities provided by the nurturing and safe environment of childcare are designed to help children develop social, emotional, and love of learning skills. The activities may typically include:

  • Imaginative play
  • Attentive talking
  • Learning arts and crafts
  • Story time
  • Nap time
  • Eating time
  • Movement and music
  • Small group activities

Advantages of Childcare for Both Parents and Children

A host of benefits and advantages are gained by both parents and children when opting for childcare.

Importance of routine and consistency

It is an undeniable fact that routine and consistency established in children during the early years are crucial. The childcare structured environment and activities provide that important consistency and routine to children.

Children learn and thrive when they have a consistent and routine schedule to follow every day. The structured atmosphere of childcare provides added security for children to know and anticipate the things they expect to do.

The feeling of being in control is provided by the predictability of the activities. Children learn to become increasingly confident with the predictability happening around their world every day.

Interaction and social skills development

Budding social skills of young children are given an invaluable opportunity to develop when they attend childcare. The supervised environment allows children the chance to interact and build relationships with their peers and other adults.

The pro-social behavioural approach of teachers in childcare fosters emotional intelligence and altruistic traits in children. This early pro-social development in children enables them to become compassionate and empathetic throughout their lives.

Another significant development children learn in childcare is building positive relationships with adults other than their parents. This allows children to acquire a lifetime positive outlook on their emotional and social well-being.


Children become capable and confident in later life when they learn independence and autonomy at an early age. The endless opportunities provided by high-quality childcare enable them to strengthen skills, helping them become more independent day by day.

Connect and communicate

Innumerable opportunities to connect and communicate are provided for children attending childcare. Engaging in active communication with their peers allows children not only to strengthen language skills; meaningful connections are fostered as well.

Being able to express themselves is an ability developed and strengthened with the daily connection and communication children do while at childcare. The safe environment provided by childcare encourages children to feel comfortable and confident in expressing the things they see and feel.

The best way for your child to gain all the advantages at a young age is to let him/her attend high-quality childcare. Every step of the child’s development is supported with the right childcare choice. Contact us at Narre Warren Early Learning Centre to know more about us.

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