How to open an art workshop

Do you dream of opening an art workshop ? There are various opportunities for those who are art lovers and aim to set up their own business. To try to avoid what can be a confusion in various product categories, when we talk about an art workshop we refer to an artisan-type activity where, for example, we produce paintings, glassware, ceramics, artistic jewelry and similar things.

To start up this type of laboratory , you need to have a series of authorizations and also to have very specific artisan and creative skills. Before starting a business like this, it is good to try to do a sort of market analysis that can help you understand if your action can be useful from a commercial point of view, in that particular territory.

In general, those who want to start a trade of this kind must have passion and a lot of talent, and in addition, they must also understand how such an activity must always be linked to the artisan history of that particular territory, of a specific culture and history. In case you want to learn more about the general section where you can find out how to start many other activities,

How to start a laboratory, administrative and bureaucratic steps

As already mentioned, to open a workshop of artisan type it is necessary to have enough talent and be competent on the artistic sector. In addition to these skills, it will then be necessary to put oneself in order from a commercial point of view. You will necessarily have to register with the register of craft businesses to obtain a qualification of the same name and in addition you must open a VAT number. In the case of personnel or for the owner himself, it will be mandatory to pay contributions to INPS and INAIL , so as to have certainties from a social security and accident prevention point of view. Furthermore, it will also be mandatory to start with the choice of a suitable site.

An art workshop, the requirements

The choice of the location of an art laboratory is very particular as it will be necessary to find a room that has certain requirements from a safety point of view and also with regard to fire regulations .

Before starting the work, it will be compulsory to notify the commencement of activity to the Municipality of competence and then obtain the necessary authorizations from the ASL. In addition it will also be mandatory to think about buying machinery and create a location that has a small front-office area that will serve to receive customers when it’s time. An exhibition area should also be provided. In this way, the best of the chosen structure can be obtained and an opportunity can be given to an art workshop to grow day by day within the skills that one has.

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